Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sharpening Study Images

Recently, we shot a couple of video lectures on sharpening.  The images I show in them didnt show up the way I had hoped in the video, so I thought I'd post them here.  Click the images to see them in a larger size.

Here we go...

First up... Double Bevel Knives

And now, Single Bevel Knives

If you're interested in checking out some of our other sharpening videos, you can find our sharpening playlist here:


  1. Hi Jon,

    I am really happy that I ran across these videos and blog! I am a long time Japan aficianado (exchange student in college days, Japanese inlaws, and working in and around Japan for the past 20 years).

    I bought my first real Japanese knife abut 1.5 years ago (Nakiri from Ubekeya in Ningyoucho, Tokyo), and now have a gyuto, and a deba as well.

    I just returned from Japan last week where I bought my first waterstone, but am afraid to touch the knives with it! Planning on practicing on some older knives until I get the hang of it.

    One thing I was wondering about was what you felt about the MinoSharp rails by Global as "training wheels", until my muscle memory learns the proper angle and I have confidence in holding it.


  2. very cool... thanks so much.

    As far as the guides go, i'm not a huge fan. I feel like they inhibit learning more than they help. I say just go for it ;)